Limo Transporation San Diego limo and sedan service specializeas in providing affordable luxury transportation with outstanding service while offering a flat-fee rate program that is less expensive than the amount you would pay if you where to drive and park yourself at the Airport for 5 to 7 days. 

If traveling on busines, you will find Limo Transportation San Diego  less expensive and time consuming especially on longer transfers over 10 miles than other forms of transportation like a local shuttle or taxi @ $2.80 per mile.

Airport Pickup & Delivery

Unlike other airports, San Diego Airport requires a reservation in order to pick up from the airport. Please call in advance at:


San Diego is a beautiful area for weddings year around. Please reserve in advance for your special day and we'll pick up the lovely bride and entire wedding party.

Wine Tours
The Temecula Valley boasts some of California's finest wineries. Gather some friends and let us take you on a wine tour.

Business Travel

We specialize in taking care of corporate executives. Contact us to pick up your VIP's at their hotel, convention center or corporate headquarters. Contact us for special executive rates and making a reservation.

Area Tours

There is so much to see in the San Diego area, one of the best ways to take it all in is by traveling in a town car or limo. Contact us for your wine country tour, driving up Highway 101 or San Diego downtown.

Downtown Special Events

Concerts, games, special events are all better when you don't have to worry about parking and can be driven around in comfort and luxury. 

San Diego skyline

What type of vehicles do you have in your fleet.

Limo Transportation San Diego.  Vehicles are all newer model luxury model vehicles and or leased vehicles.  Our preferred leasing company is Enterprise.  We provide Lincoln Town Cars, Ford Explorer SUV.   Our limos are leased per job providing only the newest limousines in San Diego County from reputable local limousine companies.  So to answer the question, we can provide one to 300 cars providing support for any job. 

How many people does your vehicle hold. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. Our favorite vehicle is the versatile Ford Explorer SUV holding up to 6 passengers.  The color is black with black leather interior providing comfort and style meeting your expectation of what a limousine service should provide.  On board navigation, stereo surround sound and air conditioning. 

Do you provide car seats. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. Yes.  Upon your request, we provide industry safety rated car seats for toddler and babies though we do not provide diaper or milk bottle service though breast feeding is allowed.  Joke. 

How long does it take to go from the airport from north county. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. Depending on traffic, service time from north county Carlsbad is 45 minutes and an additional 15 minutes from oceanside, vista and or san macros. 

Do you provide flat rates and or how do you charge. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. We provide affordable flat rate service per zone.   We break up the zones into multiple service areas all rated from San Diego Airport.  Metro zone is from downtown to south of 54 @ $39, Mid land north of Hwy. 54 to south of Hwy 56 @ $49, corridor @ $59 which is north and south of cardiff, $69 cardiff to carlsbad and $79 north of carlsbad to camp pendleton.  

Do you do a curbside pickup at the airport. 

Limo Transportation San Diego.  We do offer curbside pickup but we prefer at no additional charge meet and greet service allowing us to assist you with your luggage and we have found this is less stressful for new clients that may be visiting san diego airport for the first time.  

Do you charge extra for a meet and greet service.

Limo Transportation San Diego.  No, Limo Transportation San Diego feels that true service includes meet and greet service.   Our drivers as per directed by the owner will meet and greet each client.  Most companies would rather do a curbside pickup 
where they do not have to park the car and walk inside but we enjoy meeting the clients and offering as much service as possible because when our clients are happy we are happy.   God only know the opposite.  As unhappy clients can really ruin a drivers day and in most cases as owner a complaining client would cause a driver to be fired on the spot without pay. Our clients are the most important part of our business especially in a tough economy because referrals are very important for business and reputation.  

Do you charge a flat rate or hourly rate for your limousine transportation service. 

Limo Transportation San Diego.   If you reference our rate map it is very clear on the rate and though we do provide hourly service at $65 per hour with a 3 hour minimum, we prefer to offer drop off and pickup service which we find our clients really prefer.  Why should a client pay for a car to sit outside for two to three hours when they are not even using them.  There is circumstances though where we will inform you when hourly service is the only option.  This usually occurs when the limousine job takes us out of our immediate service areas where for us to break away from your location to do other pickups  which are usually in busier metro areas.  What we like to do is near by work making money while you are enjoying your dinner.  We instruct our clients to just call 30 minutes prior to pickup desired time and we do everything possible to coordinate a scheduled return pickup time preventing any conflict in your pickup scheduled. This is jus a few reason our drivers are the best because we know what you want and our experience prevents problems that you would not even consider. 

Is drinking alcohol ok in a town car or suv. 

Limo Transportation San Diego.  No,  There is no open containers allowed in vehicles without a partition.  Limousines with partitions drinking is allowed.  Of course sodas are allowed in a plastic cup or container. 

If we do not know what time we will be done with our event, can we just call you when we are ready. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. Yes, Unlike other limousine companies, we do drop off and pickup service. When you are dropped off for example for dinner... just give us a call when you are ready and or you can pre-arrange a scheduled pickup time. We require 30 min. with un announced time but in most cases our drivers usually know about what time you will be ready and are just around the corner. This works nicely for both of us. Number one. You don't pay for service not used and second... we are making money while you are having a nice dinner with your other.  

What is your service area.  

Limo Transportation San Diego. What service area... Kidding... We service the entire San Diego Diego County and extended service as long as the destination starts and or stops in San Diego. Our business license is resides with the city of San Diego.  

Do you service other airports besides San Diego Airport.   

Limo Transportation San Diego. Yes, besides San Diego Airport, we also service all airports in Southern CA. Our most popular other city airports are John Wayne and LAX. Our drivers are very familiar and have experience with all these airports. Unlike possibly yourself... LAX is actually a piece of cake for us.  

Do you go to casinos. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. Yes... but you will not see us place a bet. All casinos are on the surrounding indian reservations... We recommend if you do gamble you may want to stick to the slots and or blackjack since the state of ca requires cards picks instead of what the dice read taking some of the fun away from what you expect and or desire. The casinos are very popular and we have casinos specials for you allowing you to save a little money for your bets. 

How long have you been in business. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. Living in San Diego County for over 30 years, my children went to school here. I have been in the limousine business for over 10 years working with the top limousines companies in San Diego County having my own business since 2005.  

Do you have other drivers or are you the only person. 

Limo Transportation San Diego contracts with a network of drivers offering you full support in all your transportation needs from your boss to small meetings and business convention arrivals and departures. Besides supporting your airport needs we are also the transportation source for your after hour business meeting and entertainment. We really know the town and look forward to being your local concierge besides just a transportation coordination company. 

Do you help with the luggage at the airport. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. Yes, we meet and great all our clients being they probably are not familiar with San Diego Airport in which we always get the luggage for our clients. This is a must as far as we are concerned. Any company that does not assist with client luggage is in it for the money only and not sincerely in it for customer service. 

What do your drivers wear. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. All our drivers are professionally dressed. White shirt and tie... not necessarily always wearing a jacket but this is beautiful San Diego and not the White House... and most importantly our drivers are hand picked where one of the most important qualities the owner looks for besides a good driving record is class.  

What is your return policy. 

We follow the return policy set forth from our on-line merchant service PAYPAL. In most cases if not immediately, some client bank accounts show the return back to the clients account 5 to 7 working days but I have seen returns taking longer from PAYPAL but we do everything in our power to get a return back to our client if for any reason the return is due for unforeseen reasons on our behalf but I can tell you returns over the past 6 years have been kept to a minimum from Limo Transportation San Diego and we do understand plans can change on the side of traveling clients. Our cancellation policy for a return must be brought to our attention 72 hours in advance due to scheduling allowing us to fill their reservation slot with another traveling client.  

Do you accept corporate accounts. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. Yes, We welcome return business and appreciate working and supporting both large and small corporations. We are capable of servicing corporation accounts due to the fact that we also have the capability of network drivers where we can provide one to 30 cars on any given day. This is a must for proper limo service because of the fact that many flights come in at about the same time and clients need to go to different locations and require private service. We do not shuttle clients but provide private transportation for our clients.  

Do you offer a military discount. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. Yes, we offer a 20 % discount for all military personnel. We appreciate the military service and dedication of our military men, women, families and veterans in San Diego County.  

Are you offer service 24 hours. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. Yes, No company can fully operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year without a backup plan so we have implemented the great wonders of technology forwarding the company phone after hours to operating managers around the clock. You will always speak with a friendly person during or after normal working hours ensuring the same quality customer service that you expect. 

Do you keep my credit card on file. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. No, unless requested by an established corporate client. For your security and fraud protection, we utilize PAYPAL on-line which is a secured site in receiving credit card reservations. LTSD never see's your actual cc number but if requested we do have the capability of entering your cc info for our files that are locked and protected by the owner. 

Do you work with other limousine companies. 

Limo Transportation San Diego. Yes, being in the transportation business for 10 years, I know the overall reputation of individual drivers and know what to look for when LTSD chooses a driver to drive for us. Basically, I imagine if I were the client does he / she meet my expectations. LTSD manages a network of drivers ensuring your satisfaction and operating support.  

Are you licensed with PUC.  

Limo Transportation San Diego... Yes, Town Cars San Diego is the company utilized with Limo Transportation San Diego that is completely insured, licensed and registered with PUC. Town Cars San Diego originally built from the ground up by the same owner as Limo Transportation San Diego that is now operated by Ajana Transportation. They have actually improved up the company and Town Cars San Diego is still ranked #1 on Google in searching for Town Car Service in San Diego County. The plan is to now establish Limo Transportation San Diego as the #1 ranked site in the Limo category in San Diego County establishing the daily working model for both companies, Town Car and Limo then shopping the working model nationwide. Very exciting and a plan that will be worth millions in franchise and advertising revenue. Takes time to establish but with God all things are possible. 

Do you go to Las Vegas.

Limo Transportation San Diego... Yes,  and it's affordable in comparison to flying when you are comparing the cost of airfare for 6 or more people.  $150 round trip per person = $900 plus while you are in Vegas your group has limo transportation for your party weekend.  Your total cost is $900 plus 20% gratuity for your driver plus fuel cost. 

Do you go to Sycuan, Vejas or Barona. 

Limo Transportation San Diego... Yes, and in comparison to the cost of a taxi a limo service is the way to start your evening off on the right foot.  Your total cost is $200 plus gratuity with no wait time like other limousine services.  Just let us know on the time you will be ready for your return and your driver will be on time ensuring you will get back to your destination safely without a DUI on your record.  

Do you have hummer limousines.

Limo Transportation San Diego... Yes, and how do it is arrange any limo type you want because what we do is sub-contract with other limousine providers ensuring you receive only the best limousines in town which also includes your premier hand picked driver that is professional and courteous.  The limousines company of choice is Russo & Russo where the owner is considered one of the premier San Diego County - Business Women of the Year. 

Do you offer a military discount.

Limo Transportation San Diego... Yes, as a ex-military service veteran myself... Aviation Electrician, E5 Helicopter Search and Rescue Navy Wet Crewman, Limo Transportation offers a 20% military, senior and student discount. 

Do you service the hotel industry. 

Can you provide referrals. 

What makes your drivers better than other limousine transportation companies

Do you offer a discount for non-profits. 

Do you have a company web site.

Are you a member of any associations. 

Do you enjoy your job. 

How tall are you. 

Do you provide service for the blind and or handicap. 

Are your vehicles safety inspected. 

What is your recommendations for things to do. 

Is it better to use your service or pay for parking at the zoo and or sea world. 

What is the cost of long term parking and the advantages of a limo service over paying for parking. 

Do you like San Diego County Taxi services.   

Can a limo operate as a taxi service in san diego. 

Do you have a on-line reservation service. 

Thank You For Your Business!

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